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The Cooperative Farms Produce High Quality Milk

The raising of the cows by the member farms of THES gala Cooperative is done with tender loving care, utilization of modern equipment and efficient management systems.

Nearly all of our feeds are Greek products cultivated though contract farming under the guidance and supervision of agronomists, and with respect for the environment.

Milk gathering is performed in a shed using milking machines in an environment that is clean, protected and ideal for safeguarding the quality of the milk.

The milk is stored, cooled and stirred in stainless steel refrigerated tanks, that are washed and disinfected daily to secure the milk’s purity and freshness.

Vending Machines Innovation, Technology and Safety

The milk is transported to the pasteurization unit, shortly after milking has occurred in kegs suitable for the transportation of milk, adhering to the hygiene standards as imposed by the relevant legislation.

Daily, a large number of samples of both the unpasteurized and pasteurized milk is subjected to a series of laboratory analyses to ensure the quality and freshness of the product, as well as the full compliance with the relevant legislation.

The fresh pasteurized milk is transported to the THES gala outlets in 200 Lt capacity stainless steel cooling tanks. These tanks are transported in refrigerated trucks, which maintain a constant temperature throughout the transportation process.

The cooling tanks undergo a thorough C.I.P. cleaning and disinfection procedure, before each new milk filling.

Quality products of 100% fresh milk

Throughout the production process, we ensure and document the Quality and Safety of our product, through the ELOT EN ISO 22000/2005 system. All the different stages of production and distribution of our products are documented and the relevant certification of conformity to standards is provided. (transport of fresh milk, pasteurization and transport of pasteurized milk, supply and distribution of milk through the Vending Machines).

Our fresh milk undergoes the mildest possible pasteurization treatment to preserve its nutrients, vitamins, trace elements and freshness. This would not be the case if our products underwent pasteurization at high temperatures.

The chocolate milk ‘THES Choco’ is produced from 100% fresh milk by THES gala producers. It is relatively mild pasteurized and therefore retains all the nutrients of fresh milk. The chocolate milk is available in the THES gala Vending Machines which operate under constant cold temperatures.

Our dairy products are made from 100% fresh cow milk sourced from the members of the Cooperative farms. They are also available in the THES gala vending machines.

Superior Taste Awards

In 2016, the European Strategic Planning Organization awarded the THES gala Cooperative milk with the Superior Taste Award. THES gala milk stood out for its taste, among dozens of similar products, in a competition involving several other companies with dairy and cheese products.

All Cooperative’s products (choco, cheese, yoghurt and Anotyri) are produced by this award-winning 100% fresh milk.