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Our milk is a rich source of protein and of excellent quality. THES gala fresh milk is produced by the Cooperative’s members at their farms in Thessaly.

  • Whole milk 1lt: protein >3.20%, fat content >3.8%
  • Low-fat 1lt: protein >3.20%, fat content >1.7%
  • Choco 500 ml: produced from THES gala fresh milk


We take extra care in crafting our yogurts. They are all mild and versatile, delicious with any recipe calling for yoghurt as an ingredient.

  • Strained yoghurt 10%: an exceptional strained yoghurt with a unique creamy texture and rich flavor, produced from 100% THES gala fresh cow's milk.
  • Strained yoghurt 2%: a low-fat yoghurt with creamy texture, produced exclusively from 100% THES gala fresh cow's milk
  • Strained yoghurt 0%: full taste and velvety texture of a Greek yoghurt with 0% fat made from 100% THES gala skimmed cow’s milk
  • Cow milk yoghurt 3,8%: it is made solely from 100% THES gala fresh cow's milk. It is a yoghurt with rich flavor, creamy texture and with high nutritional value.
  • Sheep milk yoghurt: it is produced solely from 100% fresh pasteurised sheep’s milk. It contains all the precious ingredients and flavor of the classic sheep yoghurt.

Goat products

Our dairy goat products are an excellent source of nutrition

  • Goat’s milk: a fresh, pure and highly nutritional milk; an absolutely natural product, as good as goat’s milk gets.
  • Goat’s milk yoghurt: a goat milk yoghurt in its most authentic form – velvety texture, made from 100% fresh goat’s milk.
  • Goat vanilla cream: a classic flavor that features the aroma of vanilla. Made from 100% fresh goat’s milk.


  • Vanilla cream: a light dessert with vanilla flavor made from 100% fresh THES gala milk.
  • Cocoa cream: cream with cocoa flavor made from 100% fresh THES gala milk; a light taste and fine cocoa in an amazing combination.
  • Rice pudding: a delicious, authentic traditional Greek recipe that contains 100% fresh THES gala milk, nutritional rice and aromatic cinnamon.

Indicative other THES gala products are:

Cheeses from 100% Greek fresh THES gala milk. Feta, Anotyri, Anthotyro, Manouri, White cheese etc.

Ice creams - they are handmade ice creams made from 100% THES gala fresh milk. They do not contain preservatives. Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Praline, Stracciatella, Strawberry, Cookies, Nuts & Berries, Dondurma-Sour cherry.

Fresh orange juice from selected varieties of oranges produced in Argolis and Laconia, regions in Greece.

Honey, jams and traditional “spoon” desserts, all of which are natural products coming from the rich fertile Greek land. The fruits (strawberry, cherry, orange, fig, peach, apricot) used for our jams are of the highest quality. The honey is a combination of selected varieties derived from wildflowers and thyme from all over Greece. As for the traditional "spoon" deserts (cherry, sour cherry, fig, quince), they complement and accompany our strained yoghurt exceptionally!

Bakery products with flour from Thes gi Farmers’ Cooperative – Whole-wheat Sliced bread for toast, breadsticks and cookies.

Pies and pastries – they enjoy a very special place amongst Greek cooking. Our pies and pastries are handmade with whole wheat flour. Cheese pie, chicken pie, potato pie, mushroom pie etc.

Varieties of legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas), rice and flours - all from Thes gi Farmers’ Cooperative.

Traditional pasta and flour by Thes gi Farmers’ Cooperative.

List of product categories available at THES gala Grocery stores:

  • Dairy products
  • Bakery products
  • Ice creams
  • POD cheeses
  • Frozen products (pies)
  • Traditional pasta and flour by THES gi Cooperative
  • Legumes and rice
  • Honey, jams and sauces by Greek producers
  • Virgin olive oil by Molon Lave producers’ group and Vinegar
  • Orange juice and tea
  • Eggs

Our Grocery Stores

List of products available at Vending Machines:

  • Dairy products
  • Cheeses
  • Orange juice

Our Points of sale