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THES gala Cooperative Company introduces a different approach to cooperative ways of working. Our motto is "we are cooperating differently"; meaning that the company by combining market knowledge and years of experience, protects the interests of its members and aims to secure their farm’s sustainability and profit. In view of that THES gala offers its own production of high-quality milk and dairy products at exceptionally competitive prices.


How it all began

It took just one drop of milk from a group of visionary Greek producers to create the Cooperative in 2011. This avant-garde vision actually reformed the Greek Farming landscape, by implementing a series of innovations! Today, THES gala is the largest milk cooperative in Greece, thanks to the organized and efficient efforts of its members.

Our Goals

  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Distribution of the milk produced by its members
  • Reduction of the production costs through bulk purchases of raw materials needed
  • Development of synergies in the primary sector and all economic activities
  • Genetic improvement of livestock
  • Upgrading and enhancement of the farm’s management systems
  • Well-structured and organized supply chain network for its end products

“MILK is Life” …. And Our Life is our MILK

THES gala Cooperative has made possible for the consumers to enjoy fresh, high-quality dairy milk whether it is full cream or fat free, and chocolate flavoured milk. Additionally, a wide range of dairy products are available all made from 100% fresh milk which are sourced from our Cooperative farms.

THES gala Cooperative Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 5 members, all working on a pro bono basis. The General assembly of the Cooperative members acts as the supreme body, based on the association articles.

  • Vakalis Athanasios – President
  • Sdanis Giorgos – Vice President
  • Tremmas Vasileios – Secretary
  • Tsetsilas Konstantinos – Cashier
  • Karafyllis Andreas – Member

THES gala Cooperative Manpower

Thes gala has a network of experienced and specialized executives to coach and support its members for the farming and production processes of dairy milk.

A dynamic team of scientists composed of veterinarians, agronomists, economists, legal advisors, accountants, managers, communication experts and senior executives, all offering their knowledge and expertise, in order to ensure that all end-products of the Cooperative, meet and surpass the high operational requirements of the market.

Additionally, in order to assist the cooperative members, THES gala, has teamed up with independent highly skilled and experienced professionals & contractors to support and assist the Cooperative members when needed.


THES gala Cooperative has developed a wide network of partnerships with leading dairy companies. It has also established major collaborations with local Cooperatives (Thes Gi, Gala Elas) and other suppliers, with regards to raw materials. These partnerships allow more favorable conditions for milk supply and secure the superior provender quality used for the animals.

Milk Trade Market
The THES gala’s Cooperative objective is to secure the highest selling price of its products, thus it has signed agreements and contracts with the key players in the dairy industry such as FAGE, FRIESLANDCAMPINA HELLAS, NOYNOY, DELTA, EAS LAMIAS, TRIKI, TOSITSA Foundation.

Market sector of the Raw Materials
THES gala on behalf of its members cooperates with companies, factories and suppliers of raw materials and provender, securing competitive prices. The Cooperative also places great emphasis & importance with regards to the quality of animal feeding. THES gala also leads in contract farming with other Cooperatives, such as ThesGi.

THES gala Cooperative Activities

Contracting with the dairy industry
Negotiating prices and contracting with the dairy industry, on behalf of its members, is the primary objective, of the THES gala management team. Primary objective is that the total production is absorbed at a price level that corresponds the quality of milk produced. Throughout the negotiation process with the dairy industries, the Cooperative is fully supported by a team of technical and legal consultants. Each agreement is secured by binding contracts that protect both the Cooperative and the member – producers.

Product Safety and Quality
In the context of the milk’s quality Standards, Thes Gala enforces and applies the following procedures: i. All members are obliged on a daily basis to collect 2 milk specimens, seal them with a safety seal and deliver them to the Greek Organization of Milk and Meat, to be subjected to a series of Laboratory analysis ii. Internal pricing system based on 5 qualitative criteria as these are prescribed in the contracts with the dairy industries. Establishing quality assurance KPI’s (key performance indicators), helps to constantly improve the quality of milk and professional culture and behavior.

Contract farming – reduction of production costs
THES gala plays a leading role in contract farming, having developed an extensive network of synergies with Cooperatives and local farmers, in order to produce and supply the raw materials required. The contract farming activities help in reducing the production cost for the Cooperative’s members, while concurrently they provide and safeguard a steady income for fellow farmers. The safety, the quality and the locality of the feeding the Cooperative members use, are key prerequisites for achieving a higher added value for their milk.

Genetic improvement of the livestock
The Cooperative has incorporated its members’ livestock in the Genetic Improvement Programme of Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 ‘ALEXANDROS BALTATZIS’, so selecting the finest cows will result in an annual increase of milk production by 250 kg per cow (while maintaining constant the cost of farming and feeding) for each farm.

Improvement of technical and financial management of the members’ holdings
The ‘UNIFORM Management’ programme has been installed in the farms of the Cooperative members. As a result, all the individual programs are connected to a central server, allowing both the cooperative -as a unit- and the individual members to process information regarding forecast production. This analysis can be done collectively or individually by applying various criteria.

Veterinary Pharmacy

THES gala Cooperative founded a veterinary pharmacy in an effort to reduce milk production costs and to safeguard the members livestock health.

Veterinary Pharmacy Goals

Vaccine Program Implementation targeting the protection of livestock health and the reduction of antibiotic use.

Issue prescriptions for every pharmaceutical product used, and keep a digital record of treatments for each member, as denoted by European legislation

Consolidated purchases of pharmaceuticals result in an overall to Cost reduction.

Milk Vending Machines Dealers

Thes gala Cooperative is the official representative in Greece of the Italian company DF Italia. For more information, please call +30 2410 554 650 or e-mail info@thesgala.gr